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I’m Joe Feighan, founder of Astrocelt. We are now in production of “DreamWalker,” a futuristic rock opera. “DreamWalker” draws visual inspiration from Cyberpunk, Steampunk and Vintage Sci-fi (including the works of Fritz Lang and Jules Verne). Visual elements include “smart costumes,” multiple screens, special effects and a rear-projection movie synched to the score. The music of “DreamWalker” ranges from retro-eighties, to EDM to world music - all performed by a live band, male and female vocalists and backing tracks. The year is 2047 - a fever in the air has pushed civilization to the brink. A total breakdown of systems, both natural and man-made, seems inevitable. Driven from their home by a superstorm, a family of American refugees reinvent themselves in an underground community dedicated to finding “a new way through the dark” - a clean and abundant source of power. Their journey leads them to the discovery of “Dark Flow” - a subtle force giving rise to all the stars in a living web of energy, matter and mind. Performances begin in early 2021 in a format called “Cyberet Theater.” We start with a simple cabaret-style set, a small studio audience and live streaming. My name is Joe Feighan. Welcome to “Cyberet Theater” and the rock opera, “DreamWalker.”

Author's note: (Climate Change is an elusive character in "Dreamwalker" - active in the background like the movie element of the score. For a synopsis click the link below or go to If you’d like to hear more about “Cyberet Theater” and “DreamWalker” check us out on Facebook and ).

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