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Ed Feighan – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Co-producer.  What happens when this one-man-band enters the picture?  Solid rhythm guitar, spot-on vocals, professional stage presence – a gifted singer-songwriter, Ed lends spirit and power to the production.

Joe Feighan – Vocals, Writer-Producer, Pathfinder, Boat Captain, Artist, Doctor of Law, Actor, Roboticist, Dreamwalker, Rust Belt Ghost. What? Strange brew this maker is.  Father of one, brother of many, Joe opens the door to the story worlds of Astrocelt.

Kevin McCarthy – Lead Guitar, Keyboards.  Actor, author, vocalist, highly proficient and widely-knowledgeable in the story-telling tradition of Irish song, Kevin brings wisdom and fire to the production.   

Tim Lane – Drums, Digital Timekeeper.  Tim shepherds musicians.  As an agent of the Muse he teaches, protects, transports, enables, energizes and inspires.  He brings power and precision to every performance.  A musical telepath - Tim lights up the stage and all those connected to it.

Gregg Garlock – Percussion, Trickster.  Man of many talents spidering through electrical rigging by day – mastering musical gigging by night – Gregg always surprises and never disappoints.  He doubles on drums and percussion while slipping in and out of multiple characters – a true Dreamwalker.

Davidione C. Pearl – Saxophone, Percussion.  Bandleader of Daddy Long Legs’ Homegrown Revival.  What happens when a multi-instrumentalist, composer, conductor, actor, director like Davidione takes the stage?  Power, Magic, Soul.

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