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Astrocelt produces rock opera.  Costumed singers are backed by live musicians, video and special effects.  All music, film and choreography follow a digital clock.  


The current production, Dreamwalker, tells the story of humanity’s downfall and redemption with the discovery of Dark Flow – the universal energy lighting every star.  From the end of the industrial age to the dawn of interstellar flight, the Dreamwalkers seek to harness Dark Flow before the Day of No Return – the tipping point of irreversible extinction.

What to Expect: A live band with a pre-recorded cinematic score.  Singers telling a story against a background of projected visuals.  Performers in costume.  A dark and atmospheric set.  A sci-fi storyline.  A program consisting of thirty-five scenes – each with its own music, movie, visuals and special effects. 

Similar productions are underway across the world in major cities like Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London.  Dreamwalker is the only production of its kind conceived and developed in Cleveland, Ohio.  Launching from the Ingenuity Labs Incubator Program at the Hamilton Collaborative, Astrocelt brings Dreamwalker to audiences across the region.  Run Time: 2 hrs.

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